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I am a visual design specialist with 10 years experiences in the fields of digital and print designs. I'm currently based in Budapest, but I like to travel while I’m freelancing.

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I help businesses of all sizes to be recognised by their customers and to be more conscious of their visual identity, I also can help to level up their image to positioning themselves better in their market.

How I do that: I would like to make the connection easier with your audience

by creating a look for your brand that grabs attention.


I think I’ve always been interested in visual communication somehow, because visual expression has been a keen topic in my life since my childhood. It’s strongly linked to my emotional understanding of the world.

I remember for a moment in elementary school when I started to experiment with clip arts on my computer as
internet had just become available at home. I made collages and sometimes quite exciting combinations came out and I saved them on a floppy discs.
(I was a real nerd, that's for sure.:)

Later, after 4 years of design school, (where I learnt about a wild spectrum of visual communication
, from illustration, storyboard, packaging design to web design or animation), I’ve found myself in a graphic design studio in Budapest, where I designed brand identities and editorial materials.


I started using UX/UI design, which was new field at the time. I completed a course at MOME on this topic. I gave it a go and tried to saw if it takes me somewhere. Looking back it gave me many new opportunities. The side of me that is addicted to organising loved arranging information on screens so much. I learnt new programs pretty fast and I became obsessed with visual systems.

After that, while in a difficult period of my life, I worked for an advertising agency but then decided 
I wanted to try myself independently so I started to balance between print and digital works and I liked the diversity of this setup. I had the chance to work with different type of clients, working on significant projects. I’m grateful for that period that allowed me to be part of multiple teams and see closely online product’s journey.

Working solo taught me: How to be independent, confident and more flexible...

I’m proud of: Being a versatile person with many interests and creative pursuit; someone who is proudly able to be a conceptual thinker and a creative artist at the same time.

For me design is about: Good design is simple and usable. But for me it also means working with impressions, communicate
 feelings and experimenting with shapes of forms and colours. Seeing how a good design can influence the reactions and trigger emotions from an audience is a fascinating concept for me.

My principles in design: 1.) I believe great communication is key in business. 2.) I believe that someone's individual style depends on finding their true voice and unique detail
So it's important to be honest with oneself, crucial even. 3.) In my opinion, doing strategy isn’t the role of a designer, as we are more intuitive persons, but working with strategists makes for a perfect combination.

I’d enjoy working with: I like to collaborate with people who are experts in their field and who can observe life as art. Who are not afraid of dreaming big. Helping them to present their proudest results and potentials in an easily accessible way is what I really enjoy the most in my work.

I’m good at: I have an eye for details and I’m a pretty social person. In general my role is in between the strategic side
 and the implementation side. This is good thing for me, because I can be in the crosshairs of pretty different viewpoints sometimes.

(In my field it’s a powerful skill to speak the languages of them.:)

If I could marry a word it would be: beauty or freedom

I appreciate: adaptability, self-awarenes
s, less is more mentality, sustainability, slow design. Arts, music (various ways of self-expression) are great passion for me. I love nature and animals, also like to paint. In my free time I walk a lot, take photos, go to museums to get visually inspired.

My desire: To be always driven by curiosity and critical thinking. 


What is my goal in the future as a professional? I think it has never been as important as today to think about what it means to be human?... I don’t want to make super clean designs all the time on my own; computers, AI can help in the future a lot. I’d let the handmade / randomness be more alive in my work, also in digital environment. “Perfect is an enemy in design” as it has been said... maybe this is the time when we should be proud of our uniqueness and individuality, in this era of precise AI.


I hope you're not getting bored as you're reading this about page, but to make sure about it I provide you music from my favourites:



Visual systems,



UX/UI design,



Brand identity & social appearance


If you feel you’d like to discuss something with me, please do not hesitate reach me out.
Here are the next steps if you are interested in building something together:

1.) Drop me a message, I’ll write you back soon!

2.) I’d like to invite you for a call or a personal meeting in order to get to know each other and discuss your project in details. (Be prepared, I will ask a lot of questions because I am always eager to understand my client’s goals to make sure to build outstanding solution for them. )

3.) When the goal of the project is clear to us, I have a solid understanding of the background of your project and we seem to be a good match, then the design process can begin.

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